A Case of Weekend Wanderlust in Sisters

Chris Smith | 08.12.19

No time for a weeklong trip? Here’s how to make the most of a short summer visit to Sisters, Oregon and pack it with memorable experiences.

Weekend Accommodations in Sisters

Choose a Sisters vacation rental that is centrally located to keep travel times to a minimum and spend more time satisfying your wanderlust spirit. Vacation rentals are available in almost every nook and cranny of Sisters from one-bedroom condos to big houses with room to roam. You can have breakfast in your condo and be on your way to the first adventure extra early when you choose a rental that is near your top bucket-list attractions.

Activities for those Weekend Warriors

Group similar activities together for maximum efficiency over long weekends. For instance, plan one day for water activities. Fishing, boating, kayaking—have your homework done including specifically what you want to do and where. Reserve necessary equipment from chartered boats to canoes remembering that certain times of year are busier than others.

A day for hiking, biking or just leisurely exploring the great outdoors is a must in Sisters where the views are truly spectacular. Bring comfortable shoes, lots of water and a trail map or hire a guide to get the most out of your weekend getaway in Sisters. Choose an area or two that are close together and perhaps experience one before lunch and one after. Areas such as Smith Rock are popular for rock climbing, trail walking and exploring along the Crooked River. Another hiking option is Suttle Lake Trail where visitors enjoy a three-mile loop around a gorgeous lake. For trail options in Sisters, check out the hiking and biking trails page online.

Another day can be spent between shopping, tasting the local fare and seeing iconic features such as Sisters Movie House (hometown theater offering entertainment, filmmaking and more). Also, consider a day trip to nearby Bend to see the Newberry National Volcanic Monument and the High Desert Museum.

Guided Tours for the Weekender Win

When time is short, booking guided tours is sometimes helpful. Think about incorporating a Wanderlust Tour into your trip to gain insight into the natural and cultural history of the area. All tours are off-trail, crowd-free and teach from the heart of the Cascade Mountains and Deschutes National Forest of Central Oregon. Talk about making memories! (Note: no experience is necessary, and all skill levels are welcome.)

Explore the outdoors with a locally guided hike that includes birdwatching, geology, and wildflowers. You’ll enjoy the area’s beauty including a guided hike on the Land Trust Preserves.

Winter Travel Tip: If you’re traveling in the winter and only have a weekend, make the most of it by planning out your day, especially if cross-country skiing, sledding, etc. are part of your vacation. Hoodoo Ski Area is Sisters local ski resort on Santiam Pass. They offer ski lessons for the little ones, tubing, skiing, and even night skiing.

No matter what activities you pick, with a little planning, you can manage all your wanderlust needs. Take lots of photos and indulge the wanderlust spirit that leads you to new places.

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