5 Teen-Approved Things to Do Near Sisters, Oregon on Fall Break

Chris Smith | 10.07.19

When you take a family vacation it can be hard to plan activities that interest the whole crew – especially if you’re traveling with teens. Getting this age group into the wild can be tricky, but Sisters, Oregon provides a variety of fun activities that appeal to visitors of all ages, and none of them come from a cellphone! Cooler temperatures and clear skies make fall the perfect time to set out on an outdoor Oregon getaway. If you’re planning a fall break vacation, you’ll be grateful for this ultimate guide to all things teen-approved to do near Sisters, Oregon.

Sisters Movie House

If your teen is having digital withdrawals, they’ll love a movie night at the Sisters Movie House. This boutique theater shows a variety of movies on four deluxe screens: first-run films, local documentaries and independent flicks are often on the list. There’s also a full theater cafe that serves lunch and dinner options right to your seat (plus yummy theater popcorn, of course). Your teen will bask in digital bliss – and return home in-the-know on the latest movie hype. Plus, there’s beer and wine for the parents. Win!

Smith Rock

The Smith Rock State Park is much more than just sightseeing, though there’s plenty of stunning wilderness to be seen. It also offers thrilling adventures that are sure to keep your teen on their toes. “Boring” won’t even be in your teen’s vocabulary as they climb rock faces up to 600 feet or navigate across long canyons on a tight-drawn slackline. Of course, there’s also plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking, and scenic picnics. Fall is one of the best times of the year to go, as temperatures in the canyons can reach an excess of 100 degrees during the summer.

Raft The Deschutes River

The nearby Deschutes River is perfect for a whitewater rafting day trip. The runs are divided into two segments – upper and lower – and both have trips that are suitable for children as young as 7. Your whole family will love feeling the cold river spray as you navigate exciting dips and rapids in between mellow, scenic rides. There are numerous outfits in the area that offer equipment and guided tours to make your trip safe and enjoyable.

High Desert Museum

Take a quick 30-minute drive into Bend to experience the wild west in a new way at the High Desert Museum. Your teen can take a walk on the wild side as they brave exciting animal encounters, talk history with authentic characters, and explore any number of hands-on exhibits in science, art, conservation, and more. There are permanent and seasonal exhibits, so there’s always something new to see. It’s all educational, but they’ll never know it!

Black Butte Stables

Your teen won’t even know they’re sight-seeing from the back of a beautiful horse. Nearby Black Butte Stables offers guided rides to all over 7, where you’ll mosey on horseback through scenic trails, along cliffs, and into canyons. Trips can be as short as an hour or as long as a day – but be sure to make time for a brief grass graze! Lessons are available onsite.

Of course, you’ll also need to find a teen-approved place to stay to make your family vacation hassle-free. Our Sisters Vacation Rentals provide all of the comforts of home to keep your teen in comfortable bliss; Wifi, cable and other great amenities are often available!

For the ultimate teen-approved lodging, check out our Fourth Sister Retreat condos. They include amenities such as free Wifi, a community pool and hot tub area and are within walking distance of the city’s best attractions.

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