6 Reasons You Should Take Your Kids Snow Skiing

Chris Smith | 12.30.19

If you’ve ever seen a professional skier flying down the slopes, you may hesitate to strap a pair of skis on your kids. While skiing is fast, thrilling and challenging, it’s also a fun activity that can be done by anyone! Here in Sisters, we know that kids and skiing go hand-in-hand (or foot-in-ski). With a quick lesson and some determination, your kids will be racing down the runs with the best of them. But skiing isn’t only fun – it has plenty of benefits for your kids both on and off the slopes. Don’t believe us? Here are six reasons you should take your kids snow skiing.

Keep Them Active During the Winter

There’s no question that kids are happier and healthier when they’re active. But many kids save outdoor activities for the warm summer months, huddling indoors during the winter to avoid the cold. Skiing is a great way to get your kids off the couch and into the snow for some heart-pumping winter action. Not only will this improve their health now, but it’s also been shown that physically active children become healthier adults.

Family Bonding

From friendly races down the slopes to fun family lessons, the time you spend skiing will create memories that last a lifetime. But it’s not just speeding down the hill! You’ll learn, laugh and celebrate together when you spend the day skiing as a family. It’s also the perfect excuse for everyone to huddle around an evening campfire with a cup of hot chocolate. Like you needed one of those!

Improves Balance and Coordination

Let’s face it – kids can be clumsy. But when skiing, kids are required to balance themselves on the skis and coordinate their muscles to make it down the slope. They’ll also flex their muscles as they move to avoid obstacles and find the smoothest path. These skills can give them in a leg up in other sports, develop their muscles, and even improve their posture. Help them hold their heads high with a day of snow skiing!

They’ll Learn to Fall – And Then Get Up

When you’re racing down the mountain, you’re going to take a tumble. Falling is a part of skiing – but it’s also part of the fun! Thanks to a thick blanket of snow, falls are usually harder on your pride than your body. But teaching your kids to get back up and finish the race will help them overcome falls that happen off the mountain, too.

They’ll Gain Confidence

Like anything else, skiing takes practice. But the more you ski, the better you get – and when you finally make it all the way down the slope you feel like a million bucks. Your kids will gain confidence as they learn to navigate the mountain and leave feeling better about themselves and their abilities.

Your Kids Will Love It – And You

If there’s any reason to take your kid snow skiing, it’s this one. Above all else, skiing is fun. Your kids will not only get all the benefits skiing has to offer, but they’ll have a blast doing it. And you’ll get the Best Parent of The Year award for taking them. Win-Win.

If you’re planning a winter getaway don’t forget to add a day (or more) of snow skiing to your plans. In Sisters, we’ve got plenty of easy skiing opportunities right outside your front door! HooDoo Ski Area and Mt. Bachelor are close to the heart of town and provide some of the best ski slopes in the area. They also offer lessons for beginners, making them perfect choices for new or young skiers.

Enjoy a mountain view even when you’re not on the slopes in our Sisters Mountain View Cabin! This spacious cabin is nestled among beautiful scenery and offers a stunning glimpse of those snow-covered peaks. It’s also close to HooDoo Ski Area and the comfort of downtown Sisters.

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