Just What Does it Mean to “Book Direct?”

Chris Smith | 01.27.20

When you sit down to book your next vacation, how do you do it? If you’re like some travelers, you don’t know where to begin so you go to a large, third-party travel site like Airbnb. But booking your rental this way is actually not the best choice for your trip or your wallet. Booking direct – or booking your rental directly with the local property management company- gives you more flexibility, more choices, and more money in your pocket. Need more info? Here’s what it means to book direct.

Booking Direct Means Saving Money

Travel planners know – despite their advertising, third-party sites don’t always have the best rates. Hidden fees and additional booking fees will quickly raise the bottom line. When booking direct, you may also score seasonal rates, multi-unit discounts, or other specials that third-party sites don’t offer. Plus, property management companies like Sisters Vacation Rentals often offer special services like grocery delivery or serve as a concierge for special occasions. You won’t find that with a third-party booking site! The bottom line, if you don’t want to pay more than you have to for your rental, booking direct is the way to go.

At Sisters Vacation Rentals, we guarantee affordable and competitive rates on all our properties. For even bigger savings, check out our Specials page. We offer discounts for service members, returning guests, and more! You’ll even find last-minute getaway deals.

Booking Direct Means No Hidden Fees

Have you ever been ¾ of the way through your reservation and realized that your bill is much higher than anticipated? That’s because third-party travel sites charge booking fees on top of their rates that can be as high as 10-12% of your cost! And, they don’t always disclose them up-front. When you book direct, there’s no need for hefty booking fees since you’re dealing directly with the local rental management company. That means the nightly rate you see is the one you’ll pay – no extra costs needed.

Booking Direct Means More Choices

You know those pesky booking fees we talked about? Property owners get them, too. Third-party sites charge owners and managers commission and listing fees that eat into their profits. That’s why many vacation rental management companies are choosing to only allow direct booking with their customers, especially for their most popular rentals. By working with a local property manager like Sisters Vacation Rentals, you’ll get more rentals to choose from. They can also help you find the best rental in an area to fit your budget and vacation style.

Sisters Vacation Rentals has a variety of rentals in the area, from private cabins to luxurious condos and more, and we are committed to finding you the perfect place to spend your Oregon vacation.

Booking Direct Means Better Service

If you’re booking online through VRBO or another third-party site, you won’t have the benefit of talking with the locals who live and work where you’d like to play. When you book direct, you’ll have easy communication directly with locals. That means your questions and concerns can be answered more accurately, and more quickly, than going through a third-party. They can also help personalize your trip, such as making arrangements for disabilities or other special accommodations.

Booking Direct Means Access to Local Knowledge

The best way to experience a new place is to live like a local, and booking direct gives you a direct line to an area’s local knowledge. Your property manager isn’t hundreds of miles away from your destination behind a computer screen – they live, work, and play in the area. That means they know the best attractions, restaurants, and must-sees to make your trip even better – and they’re happy to share their secrets with visitors.

Sisters Vacation Rentals is locally owned and operated, providing you with personalized and local experience in Sisters and the surrounding area. From the best hiking trails to the most delicious cocktail in town, we can help you live your best Sisters life for as long as you’re here. You can also check out our blog. We keep it updated with everything you need to know about vacationing in Central Oregon.

When you get ready to plan your next vacation, skip the third-party and go directly to your destination by booking direct. You’ll save money, support local businesses, and get a better booking experience. If you’re heading to Central Oregon, book direct with us. We work hard to give you a hassle-free, relaxing vacation from your booking to your journey home.

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