5 Real Reasons You Need a Momcation

Chris Smith | 02.23.20

A momcation isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Self-care is important for everyone’s mental and physical health, but fewer need it more than mothers. From late-night school assignments to weekend sports events, moms spend a lot of time caring for others (and not enough caring for themselves). But there’s an activity that’s helping mothers everywhere take a break from the stress of their lives and take some time to focus on them. It’s called a momcation, and you definitely need one.

A momcation can be a solo trip or one with your favorite gals, a relaxing retreat or an outdoor adventure, but the one thing it has to be is no kids allowed. If you’re thinking about a momcation, consider taking it in Sisters, Oregon! If you’re wondering if it’s for you, here are 5 reasons you need a momcation – now.

It’s good for your health

Momcations aren’t only good for your soul – they’re good for your health, too! Good food, rest, and exercise are the foundations of good health, and they’re all easy to find on momcation time.

One of the best things about a momcation is that it’s the perfect time to get your blood (and your metabolism) pumping. As moms, too often your only source of exercise is chasing sticky kids or running after the morning bus. On a momcation, you can get your cardio your way – whether that’s morning yoga or a stress-free run. You won’t shed inches off your waistline in just a few days, but you will burn off those after-dinner cocktails. So, it’s basically the same thing.

Sisters Tip: For active moms, Sisters is the perfect place to get your exercise – and enjoy it, too. Scenic hiking or biking trails are all around the area, and they’re great ways to get moving while you soak in the quiet beauty of the Oregon wilderness. If you’re feeling more namaste, Life.Love.Yoga has public yoga classes daily as well as immersive outdoor retreats to get you centered and calm.

You can swap the grilled cheese for mom-approved meals

Let’s face it – most kids aren’t clamoring for diverse, nutritious meals (and if they are, you probably have to cut it for them first). On a momcation, you’re free to order whatever tantalizes your taste buds – while enjoying it all at one time! Say goodbye to the goldfish and hello to adult cuisine (at least while you’re away).

Sisters Tip: Diverse eateries are easy to find in Sisters. From homemade pizza at Martolli’s (that’s not only cheese) to elk burgers at Hardtails Bar & Grill, there are a variety of restaurants for any mom’s taste. To get the full scoop, check out our list of Sisters’ best dining spots!

One word: Cocktails

This one kind of speaks for itself. When you’re momcationing, you have no needy kids or spouse to return home to, so you and your best gals can take your time on that extra cocktail (just be sure to get an Uber after). It’s a great way to reconnect with your gals and spend time chatting about things that matter to you – without being interrupted a thousand times by your kids or spouse.

Sisters Tip: To really take a break from mom-hood, turn a night of your momcation into a beercation instead! Three Creeks Brewing is a local brewery that offers a variety of unique craft beers and delicious eats made right on-site. If you’re more of a cocktail crew, Takoda’s Restaurant & Lounge has a full bar and wine list as well as a patio, fire pit, and lounge.

It banishes burn-out

You can’t fill someone else’s cup when your own is empty. Motherhood is a full-time job, and it’s a draining one, especially if you’re working outside of the home, too. Moms that don’t take time for themselves can suffer anxiety, depression, and chronic stress.

A momcation gives you some much-needed time to refocus, rejuvenate your mind, and return home with renewed energy to take on everything from toddler to teenage-hood. Self-care is never selfish!

Sisters Tip: A spa day is a perfect way to treat yourself to some needed relaxation. In Sisters, Shibui Spa is within walking distance of downtown and offers luxury treatments like facials, body wraps, massages, and more. For a unique experience, Hop In The Spa is the world’s first and only craft brew spa, where you can lounge in the hoppy goodness of a microbrew soak while enjoying a Bavarian pretzel and a local Deschutes Brewery craft beer.

You’ll catch up on Zzzzz’s

Moms live their lives on a busy schedule. Whether you’re a CEO or a SAHM, you probably spend your day running from one catastrophe to the next. Often, moms are left running on stale coffee and stolen minutes of shut-eye. On a momcation, you can sleep in, take unlimited naps, and get some good rest – without a tiny foot in your kidney.

Sisters Tip: Sisters Vacation Rentals have cozy, luxurious rentals around the area that are perfect for resting your head. Whether you’re tripping solo or traveling with a group, we’ve got the perfect place for you to rest, renew, and relax.

If you’re coming on a momcation, check out our 4th Sister Retreat! You and your gals with love lounging by the pool and hot tub or relaxing in the year-round sauna. Plus, it’s within walking distance of everything downtown for easy access.

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