Top 6 Reasons You Should Try Snow Shoeing this Winter in Sisters, Oregon

Chris Smith | 11.01.20

Central Oregon becomes a winter wonderland during the colder months, offering some of the best winter sports and activities in the country. You can shred the slopes on alpine skis or chase a thrill on the back of a powerful snowmobile, but if you want a whole new way to play during winter there’s one activity you’ve got to try on your next Sister’s trip: snowshoeing.


While it may seem like just a walk in the snow, snowshoeing is a fun and dynamic way to explore the snowy scenes around Sisters. Even Yukon Cornelius knew the benefits of a great pair of snowshoes!


If you need more convincing, here are the top six reasons you should try snowshoeing this winter in Sisters, Oregon.


It’s a great full-body workout. Snowshoeing isn’t just tons of fun – it can help you lose tons of pounds. Much like running on the sand, snowshoeing offers more resistance and requires a larger range of motion than regular jogging. A single hour of snowshoeing can burn up to 900 calories!


But it’s far more than just a great cardio session. Snowshoeing requires you to use your legs, arms, back, and core to balance and move, conditioning muscles you rarely use – and may not have even known you had!


It’s a great group activity. Snowshoeing is a fun and active experience that’s perfect for all ages and skill levels. Unlike skiing, snowshoeing is slow-paced, low-impact, and doesn’t require a lot of practice or skill to master – if you can walk, you can snowshoe!


It’s inexpensive. Snowshoeing is incredibly affordable – just $15 per adult will land you with a pair of expertly fitted snowshoes to use all day at the Glaze Meadow Rental Shop at Black Butte Ranch. Add in the fact that its slow pace makes snowshoeing an hours-long adventure, and you’ve got a great day activity that’s fun for your family and your wallet.


You can explore new areas. Snowshoes are designed to float over areas of deep snow, allowing you to explore places off the beaten path you couldn’t otherwise access. In the area around Sisters, that means the chance to find new viewpoints, engage with shy winter wildlife, and enjoy solitude in areas that may be more crowded during the warmer months.


Enjoy easy access to trails. Thanks to a variety of Snow Parks and designated trails in the area, snowshoeing in Sisters is as easy as a (snowy) walk in the park. For novice snowshoers, a designated area like Ray Benson Sno Park just west of Sisters offers miles of carefully designed snowshoe trails for maximum fun. If you prefer a more natural experience, The Peak View Snowshoe Trail is the area’s first designated snowshoe trail and offers sweeping views of the entire Cascade Mountains.


Take a guided snowshoe tour. For those new to snowshoeing (or the area in general), a guided snowshoe tour is a great way to (not) get your feet wet. Wanderlust Tours offers daily guided snowshoe tours in the areas around Mt. Bachelor and the Deschutes National Forest. These fun and comprehensive tours include gear and clothing rentals, pre-trip instruction, and award-winning interpretation from expert local guides. You can also head to Mt. Bachelor for a free 90-minute snowshoe tour every weekend during the winter season (participants must be at least 10 years old).


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A fun day of snowshoeing is only made better by having a cozy and convenient Sisters Vacation rental to return to! Wagon Wheel is a spacious private home just minutes from downtown Sisters that offers quiet comfort and luxurious amenities. It even has a private outdoor hot tub for rejuvenating those tired leg muscles after a long day on the slopes!

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