5 Reasons You’ll Want to Revisit Sisters

Chris Smith | 12.18.20

What happens when you return from a vacation? If you’re like many travelers, you cross that destination off your list, never to return. It’s like we assume a location disappears off the map after our first visit, so you should enjoy it while you can.

There’s a lot to be said for experiencing a place you’ve never been. After all, that’s the reason most people travel in the first place! On the other hand, there are many compelling reasons to revisit a previous destination, especially one like Sisters. You can travel without pressure, explore places off the beaten path, and establish a genuine connection with the area. A return trip can actually be more enjoyable than the first because you can spend your time doing what you like instead of things on the must-see list.

If you’re deciding on a vacation destination, here are five reasons you’ll want to revisit Sisters.

Enjoy a New Season

Sisters in winter is not the same as Sisters in spring, but you’ll want to experience them both. Sisters has four true seasons, and the area changes dramatically depending on the calendar.

If your last trip was during the summer, you probably spent warm and sunny days rafting the Metolius River or golfing our award-winning greens. Just a few short weeks later, fall brings cooler temperatures, hikes full of fantastic foliage, and fun fall festivals. A visit during winter will look different still as you ski, sled, and snowmobile across inches of freshly fallen snow.

If you visit during one season, you’re missing out on another – so why not experience them all?

Experience a Local Event

Sisters has a variety of annual events throughout the year that offer great glimpses into local life. You can enjoy some exciting animal action at the Sisters Rodeo, get hands-on at the famed Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, get back to your musical roots at the Sisters Folk Festival, and more. Because we make it so easy to book great lodgings near every event, you don’t have to choose just one – you can craft and clap along at all of them!

Explore New Places

Like any great travel destination, Sisters is full of hidden gems just as good – if not better – than the main attractions. If you spent your first trip to Sisters hitting all the high points, a second (or third) visit will allow you to dig a little deeper and explore more off the beaten path. You might find your new favorite coffee shop, pioneer a hidden hiking trail, or try that fun activity you couldn’t fit in last time. Plus, now that you’re familiar with the area you’ll be able to…

Take It Easy

Visiting a new place is great – and stressful. There’s often a lot of pressure to tick off as many “must-do’s” as possible, and travelers often wind up over-stuffing their itinerary to the point of pain. Then you need a vacation to recover from your vacation!

A repeat visit to Sisters can be a much more relaxing affair than the first time around. Now that you’ve hit the big-ticket tourist attractions, you’ll feel less guilty about spending your time wandering aimlessly, lingering over a meal, or relaxing in your rental’s private hot tub. Speaking of hot tubs…

Stay in New Style

Places change – but so do people. Whether your budget has changed or you’ve had a shift in priorities, choosing a new vacation rental can help you see the area in a different light. Whether you want the convenience of a luxurious downtown condo or the quiet privacy of a secluded cabin, Sisters Vacation Rentals can offer a rental to suit your vacation style – or help you create a new one.

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