National Walking the Dog Day: Where to Take Your Pup in Sisters

Chris Smith | 01.28.21

Nobody loves a good walk like a dog. Just the sight of a leash is usually enough to send any pup into a tail-wagging tizzy! They don’t care if it’s a quick stroll down your neighborhood sidewalk or a long romp into new territory – they’ll walk anywhere as long as it’s by your side.

Even so, the best types of walks keep you and your pup engaged, and they’re full of new sights and scents to explore. Luckily, there’s plenty of pup-friendly places in Sisters that offer all of that and more!

With February 22nd’s National Walking the Dog Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to plan one of the best walks of the year. So, grab your shoes and snap your leash, because we’re bringing you the best places to walk your pup in Sisters!

Patjens Lake Trail

This dog-friendly loop in the Willamette National Forest combines all the things dogs dream about: grassy meadows, serene glass-topped lakes, and a thick forest full of fir and aspen trees. The trail is a generous 6.75 miles, but is mostly flat and offers stunning mountain views that make every mile more interesting than the last.

Peterson Ridge Trail

Located just south of Sisters, the Peterson Ridge Trail offers nearly 25 miles of dog-friendly trails to explore. It’s ladder-type design offers two linear legs (PRT East and PRT West) with several connector trails between them, allowing you to create a custom Fido-friendly adventure. Dogs must be leashed at all times and be sure to watch for cyclists – the trail is a popular mountain biking destination.

Deschutes National Forest

Head to the Deschutes National Forest for a walk on the wild side. Most of the forest’s 1,200 miles of trails are available to dogs off-leash, with some exceptions during the peak summer months. Some of the most popular dog-friendly trails include Green Lakes, the Tumalo Creek Trail, and Good Dog Loop (our personal favorite and only for the goodest pups).

Smith Rock State Park

Dogs can explore all 650 acres of the renowned Smith Rock State Park – as long as they’re kept on a 6-foot leash at all times. All 11 trails are dog-friendly, from the easy but scenic River Trail to the iconic hike over Misery Ridge. Remember that Fido prefers all four feet on the ground, so you’ll need to bring a sitter along to climb or slackline. Convenient (and free) poop bags are located by the main fee station and at the head of the bridge, so be sure to clean up after your pup.

Around your Pet-Friendly Cabin

If you don’t have half a day to dedicate to your walk, don’t worry! Many of our dog-friendly rentals offer space for a scenic stroll right out your back door. Book our Sisters Dream Inn to enjoy two private acres of National Forest to explore – followed by a cozy afternoon nap in front of the indoor fireplace.

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