Raise a Glass at the Sisters Fresh Hop Festival

Chris Smith | 08.23.21

Fall is one of the best seasons in Sisters, and not just for the fantastic foliage and terrific temperatures (though they are certainly among our favorite fall features). The area celebrates the arrival of autumn with the Sisters Fresh Hop Festival, an amazing afternoon that combines the best local brews with live music, fantastic food, and family fun. If you want to experience a fresh take on the fall season, find your way to Three Creeks Brewery on September 25 to enjoy this truly intoxicating event.


The festival focuses on “fresh hopped” beers and showcases selections from more than 20 Oregon breweries. If you aren’t familiar with a “fresh hop” brew, these bold and beautiful beers are created from hops that are picked and brewed within 24 hours. Because this can only be done during the harvest season, early fall is a unique opportunity to find a new favorite taste with fresh hop beers.


Breweries will compete to win the coveted “Golden Bunny” award, so be sure to try them all and vote for your favorites. Tasting packages can be bought for $15 and include a pint glass and five tokens. Additional tokens can be bought for $1 and are good for one 4-ounce pour. Admission is free and open to all ages, but only adults over 21 are allowed inside the beer tent.


Of course, beer isn’t the only thing on tap at the Fresh Hop Festival. Attendees can also enjoy live music from Oregon Fryer and Tony Lompa as well as a variety of local vendors and fun family activities. Best of all, this charitable event donates a portion of the proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House, turning your love of craft beer into an opportunity to support children and families in the local community.


If you plan to join the fun at the Sisters Fresh Hop Festival, please drink responsibly. Reserve a rideshare with Uber or Lyft, choose a designated driver for your group, or book a convenient downtown rental within walking distance of the fun. This will ensure that everyone gets home safe and hoppy!

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