What You Need to Know about Oregon’s Metolius River

Chris Smith | 01.21.22

A regal river rushes through Central Oregon, it’s crystal-clear waters carving a path through craggy mountain peaks and lush conifer forests before draining into Billy Chinook lake near Camp Sherman. It’s the mighty Metolius River, a tributary of the Deschutes that offers visitors to the area an array of year-round recreation you can only find on this wondrous body of water. 

It’s also right near Sisters, a charming western-themed town that’s centrally located and full of convenience. While many make the trip for our majestic mountains, all are inexorably drawn to the thrilling rapids and relaxing scenes that line the Metolius River. Here’s why. 

Fantastic Fly Fishing

The water is clear and always cold, pristine conditions that make the river one of the state’s most popular spots for world-class fly-fishing. But if you come for a catch it’s best to be ready for a challenge – all fish in the Metolius are wild and extremely wily. Trophy-size Rainbow and Bull Trout are the top prizes for hopeful anglers, but don’t rely on them for dinner as all Metolius trout are strictly catch-and-release.

Barbless hook fly fishing is the only type of angling allowed in the long stretch of river north of Bridge 99. If you don’t fancy fly fishing, artificial lures and flies can be used in areas below Bridge 99, but live bait is banned in all parts of the river. 

Thrilling Rapids

As one of the country’s largest spring-fed rivers, the Metolius includes some fun flows for whitewater rafting and paddling. The water flows freely throughout the year, offering class II and III rapids sure to excite even expert rafters. Guided tours are available, or you can strike out solo, but be sure to watch for low-lying bridges and underwater hazards along the way.

Stunning Scenery

There’s no beauty like natural beauty, and the Metolius River is one of the most picturesque spots in the state. Deep in the Deschutes National Forest, the river’s bright blue water carves a path through acres of old-growth ponderosas and dense green firs. During the warmer months, wildflowers press vividly against the banks in a riot of gorgeous color. Birds of prey like Great Blue Heron, Eagles, and Osprey dip and dive as they feed on the river’s teeming trout.

Camp Sherman Cabins

Nestled on one of the river’s most breathtaking bends you’ll find Camp Sherman, a charming riverfront community that’s essentially a congregation of rental properties, a general store, and a post office. It’s also home to the Metolius River Resort, where eleven luxurious cabins offer premium luxury surrounded by peace and tranquility. The award-winning cabins are situated just steps from the water, providing a unique opportunity to enjoy fly-fishing, hiking, biking, birdwatching and more, all from your back door. 

Ready to experience the magic of the Metolius River? Book your Camp Sherman cabin with Sisters Vacation Rentals today for a smooth and stress-free stay! 

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