6 Reasons Parents Love Vacationing in Sisters

Chris Smith | 02.17.22

Planning a great vacation presents a whole new set of challenges for parents. You could spend hours working through the headaches and potential hiccups of family-friendly travel, but we’ve got a simpler solution: vacation in Sisters! A fun and exciting destination for travelers of all ages, Sisters makes it easy to plan and enjoy a great family vacation (even for parents!) Here are the top six reasons parents love vacationing in Sisters. 

Diverse family dining. Finding great food is a careful balance when you’re traveling as a family – you want to be able to explore new meal options while also making sure there’s at least one item for the picky eater of the group. Sisters solves this problem with a variety of restaurants designed for diverse family dining. The atmospheres are casual but the menus are complex, featuring foods that will delight diners of all ages and appetites. As a bonus, you can free up extra packing space since you won’t need to bring bags of extra snacks!

Activities for all ages. It’s not easy to entertain a teen and a toddler at the same time – unless you’re in Sisters. Unlike some family destinations, the area is full of great activities for all ages (and nobody’s dressed in a creepy costume). Some adventures like horseback riding or snow-skiing can even pull double duty for full-family fun! Check out the Top 20 Things To Do in the area to get inspired.

Educational Adventure. Why not enjoy a break and train your brain at the same time? Adventures like white-water rafting the Deschutes river or scaling the cliffs at Smith Rock State Park aren’t just fun – they also teach important skills like teamwork, perseverance, critical thinking, and adaptability. You can even visit fun attractions like the High Desert Museum to explore hands-on exhibits that immerse you in the history, landscapes and wildlife of our local area. Who knew spending time together was such a good teacher?

Memories that get you moving. Brain power isn’t the only benefit our outdoor pursuits can offer. While many kids are sitting inside on screens, visitors to our area can get the blood pumping with fun activities like hiking, mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing and more. That means you’re making precious family memories while being on the move, which benefits your heart (and muscles, and stamina, and coordination) in more ways than one. 

Parents can score some cool points. Has it been a while since your last Parent of the Year award? A family trip to Sisters can help you reclaim your title. We offer the kind of experiences your kids will be excited to share back home, earning them – and you – some of those coveted cool points.

Kid-Friendly Rentals. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than a rental that doesn’t fit your family. Luckily, Sisters Vacation Rentals has a wide variety of family-friendly properties across central Oregon that offer something for every member of your group. A rental like Jacob’s Ladder has two quiet cul-de-sacs for small children, a game room for older kids, a private outdoor hot tub, and easy access to a communal area that includes a swimming pool, playground, gaming courts, bike/ski rentals and more. 

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