Sister’s Sweetest Treats – Where to Find Our Favorites

Chris Smith | 05.13.22

It’s true that every trip to Sisters is a treat. But sometimes, you want something special to sweeten your day. When that happens to you, you’re in luck – Sisters is home to some of the sweetest treats in central Oregon. 


From decadent desserts and handmade baked goods to rich, small-batch ice cream, you’ll find plenty of ways to treat yourself during your stay. Your biggest problem will be deciding what to choose first. For that, here are a few of our favorites. 


Sisters Bakery

251 E Cascade Avenue

Sisters, Oregon 97759

(541) 549-0361


You’ll find some of the best baked goods in the state at Sisters Bakery. Like any bakery worth its salt (or in this case, sugar), their counters and cases are full of fresh, scratch-made treats that look almost as good as they taste. They offer assorted pies and pastries, sticky buns and handmade cookies, warm brownies, scones, and other comfort items. But you don’t want to miss their homemade donuts – they offer yeast and cake-based varieties in yummy flavors like Maple Bar, Applesauce and Cinnamon Sugar.


The SweetEasy Co.

170 W Cascade Avenue

Sisters, Oregon 97759

(541) 549-8591


This sweet cafe in the heart of Sisters offers 35 flavors of BJ’s old-fashioned ice cream, a quality brand that’s batch-made here in Oregon without chemicals or colors. Some flavors are even exclusive to the state, like Huckleberry (made from wild Oregon huckleberries) and Oregon Trail (double chocolate with a tasty blend of blackberries and hazelnuts from Willamette Valley). Order your favorite as-is or enjoy it as a handspun milkshake! 


Angeline’s Bakery and Cafe

121 West Main Avenue

Sisters, Oregon 97759

(541) 549-9122


Who says healthy treats can’t make you happy? Certainly not Angeline’s, a downtown bakery that specializes in sweet treats that are vegan and/or gluten-free. If you’re gluten-intolerant, you have a full menu of items like lemon bars, cookies, cupcakes, and scones in various flavors. Vegan customers can enjoy plant-based versions of cookies, brownies, cakes, cupcakes and more. 


Candy Corral

101 E Cascade Avenue

Sisters, Oregon 97759

(541) 480-2789


If you’re craving some candy, you’re sure to find your fix at this locally-owned candy bonanza. Candy Corral has one of the largest selections of candy in the area, with popular items from national brands as well as local fan favorites. You can buy your picks by the box or fill a bag with an eclectic mix of tastes and textures. They also have a counter of handmade treats and offer daily specials like your favorite fruit topped with yummy flavors like whipped cream, graham cracker or gummy bears. 


As long as we’re talking about treats, why not treat yourself to sweet vacation property? Sisters Vacation Rentals has a variety of homes and cabins in the area that are sure to make you smile. If you choose one close to downtown Sisters, you can even walk to some of our best sweet shops to enjoy your treat without the guilt. 

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