Wanderlust Tours: Get off the Beaten Path in Sisters, Oregon

Chris Smith | 08.23.22

Experienced travelers will tell you that the best places in any area lie off the beaten path. But while striking out solo to blaze a new trail sounds exciting, it can also be intimidating. Where should you go? Where should you NOT go? What should you bring? What if you get lost? 

If you’re visiting Sisters, Oregon, there’s an easy solution that offers safe and exciting exploration to even novice adventurers: Wanderlust Tours. This locally-owned company offers naturalist-guided tours and trips to the quiet, wild, and scenic spots of the Central Oregon Cascades. Operating since 1993, they’ve built a strong reputation for their knowledgeable guides, their commitment to environmental protection, and their unforgettable outdoor adventure. 

Groups can choose from a variety of daily and seasonal tours based on some amazing outdoor activities. Some tours are offered year-round while others are specific to each season, but there’s always something exciting to choose from.

Canoe and Kayak Tours. Join your naturalist guide for an iconic paddling tour on the high-elevation mountain lakes in the mighty Cascade Range. As you explore the calm and scenic lakes, you’ll learn tidbits about the local geology, native wildlife, and the area’s rich natural history. Depending on the season, you can even book specialty tours to paddle the lakes by starlight or add a tasty range of local craft brews to your stunning mountain views.

Caving Tours. These exciting tours aren’t just off the beaten path – they’re below it. Strap on a helmet and a headlamp and join your naturalist guide for a fun and educational tour of the local lava caves. Wanderlust Tours is the only guide company allowed in this delicate ecosystem, and they’ll help you enjoy it to the fullest by sharing cool information about the caves’ unique geology, wildlife, and history.  

Volcano and Sunset Tours. Scale to the top of an ancient volcano to experience a personal glimpse of our area’s explosive geological history. On the Volcano Tour, you’ll journey to 6,300 feet to explore a mountain of pumice and obsidian, an old-growth hemlock forest and the sparkling shores of Paulina Lake. You can also book a sunset hike to experience one of nature’s most stunning shows from the top of a local volcano. 

Snowshoe and Bonfires. Explore Central Oregon’s magical winter wonderland on one of Wanderlust Tours’ unique winter adventures. You can snowshoe the off-trail areas around Mt. Bachelor and the Deschutes National Forest; travel by the moon to a natural snow-built amphitheater for a starlit bonfire; or trek to a scenic spot to sip local brews and enjoy stunning winter views.  

Brewery and Distillery Tours. Get a taste of the area’s rich brewing and artisan distillery cultures on one of the company’s spirited craft tours. Whether you’re paddling the Cascade Lakes, exploring a prohibition-era cave, or taking a local pour tour, it’s guaranteed to be an intoxicating experience. 

Custom Tours. If you’re traveling with ten or more of your favorites, let Wanderlust Tours create a customized Central Oregon experience for your group. From multi-day adventures to creative twists on their classic tours, they can treat you to a one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure. 

There’s no better way to explore Central Oregon’s wild and mighty landscapes than with Wanderlust Tours. With your experienced guide at your side, you’ll strike out for areas unseen to experience pure, undisturbed beauty and adventure – and learn some cool stuff along the way. Visit their website to learn more and book your tour today.

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