9 Art Installations in Sisters, Oregon to put on your Itinerary

Chris Smith | 01.26.23

The town of Sisters is one-of-a-kind, and not just because of its charming western theme. This cozy mountain community is brimming with culture, and it’s home to a vibrant local artistry scene that’s full of can’t-miss masterpieces. Our local artists help capture the Sisters spirit with unique artwork displayed throughout our city limits. During your next visit, be sure to view these amazing art installations to add something new and noteworthy to your trip.


Lazy Z Horse Sculpture

Artist: Brian Baynes

Location: Highway 20


The famous “running horses” are a beautiful tribute to our western heritage. They can be seen from Highway 20, on the Lazy Z Ranch just 1.5 miles east of Sisters.


Mother Earth Sculpture

Artist: Skip Armstrong

Location: Oak Street & Hood Avenue


Chainsaw sculptor Skip Armstrong created this intricate tribute to our natural lands from a 12-foot pine tree trunk in 2014.


Songbird Sculpture

Artist: Paul Bennett

Location: Fir Street Park


This beautiful stage backdrop pays homage to our many native birds and our tall, ancient trees in stunning metal detail.


Steel Cauldron Fire Pit

Artists: Jeff Wester and Alex Cretsinger

Location: Fir Street Park


The fire pit at Fir Street Park is a beautiful piece that looks like wood, but is actually steel. The cauldron hangs from an intricate rope made of tiny knots hand-tied with super-heated steel.

Tile Work at Fir Street Park

Artist: Kathy Deggendorfer

Location: Fir Street Park


Thoughtfully laid tile is a work in itself, adding a vibrant touch of beauty to our city’s most popular public park.


Two Rivers, Three Sisters

Artist: Quilt show collaboration

Location: City Hall


This traveling exhibit showcases the talents of our local quilting community. The 40-foot-long quilt has 17 panels featuring scenes from Wychus Creek.


Wild Stallion Sculpture

Artist: Lorenzo Ghiglieri

Location: E. Cascade Avenue


This towering stallion stands in the center of town as a representation of our wild west roots.


Barclay Park Mural

Artist: Jerry Werner

Location: Barclay Park


This lovely quilt mural by renowned artist Jerry Werner is so masterfully done, you’d swear they’re actually blowing in the breeze.


Bronze Heron Sculpture

Artist: Danea Bennett Miller

Location: Barclay Park


A heron in flight is perfectly cast in gleaming bronze as it stretches its wings across Barclay Park.


City Hall Clock

Artist: Ed Beacham

Location: City Hall


City Hall is crowned by a large, ticking clock that keeps the time in elegant roman numerals. The clock was created by Ed Beacham, owner of our own Beacham Clock Company.


City Hall Quilt

Artist: Jean Wells-Keenan

Location: City Hall


Another example of our fine quilting culture, this colorful landscape quilt hangs inside of City Hall.


Welcome to Sisters Mural

Artists: Karen Eland and Katie Daisy

Location: Barclay Park


This hand-painted mural welcomes our guests with a pop of bright color and a friendly Sisters greeting.

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