The Culture and History of Sisters, Oregon (and Why You Should Experience It!)

Chris Smith | 03.01.23

 From dazzling displays of public art to historical monuments and festivals, culture and history are highlighted everywhere you look.


Sisters History

Sisters has a long and rich history, tracing back to the original tribes that trekked over our mighty mountain passes. Our community began as Camp Polk, a military outpost that was eventually homesteaded and served as a supply station for sheepmen. The town was formally established in 1901 and named for the nearby Three Sisters mountains.


Sisters saw its greatest success with the rise of the lumber industry. Our lush pine forests drove a population boom that lasted well into the 1960s, when tourism became the economic base of our town. Committed to honoring our western heritage, the Sisters City Council made the 1880’s storefront style a part of its zoning ordinance. 


 Visitors can explore a variety of historical sites and exhibitions that reflect our roots and heritage, including:


Sisters Culture

The culture of Sisters is as rich as her roots. Visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in our local culture in a variety of ways:


  • Exploring our local wilderness. Our town may be small but our mountains are mighty, as is our passion for outdoor pursuits. 

  • Viewing our many art galleries. Unquestionably, Sisters is home to many talented artists and an array of unique galleries that showcase sculptures, pottery, paintings, photographs, and other original works. Apart from this, You can even view public art displays throughout the city! 
  • Attending a local festival. Our renowned annual festivals capture the spirit of Sisters for all to enjoy. In addition, The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, the Sisters Folk Festival, and the Sisters Rodeo are beloved traditions full of culture and family fun.

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