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5 Mistakes to Avoid when Planning Your Vacation in Sisters, Oregon

Chris Smith | 04.27.23

Do you find vacation planning mode exciting or exhausting? It can be a bit of both, especially when you’re visiting a popular destination like Central Oregon. With plenty of options to play, stay and dine, the area around Sisters is a mecca of family adventure. But to make the most of your trip to Sisters Country, you need to plan properly – and avoid some costly mistakes that could spoil your fun. Whether you’re just starting to plan or can see the finish line, here are some tips on what not to do as you prepare for the perfect Sisters vacation. 

  1. Not Booking Early 

When it comes to staying in Sisters, early birds get the best booking experience. Nothing ruins a vacation like the wrong rental location! 

Booking early can also save you money. First, you’ll have plenty of time to explore all your options and find the best match for your budget. Plane tickets can also be cheaper in advance, and you can snag the best rental rates by reserving your stay early. And speaking of rates…

  1. Not Booking Direct

Some travelers make the mistake of using third-party booking sites, which can lead to inflated rates and unnecessary fees. Booking directly through a local property management company like Sisters Vacation Rentals ensures you receive the best seasonal rates with minimal fees and fuss. You can even take advantage of exclusive specials like discounts on mid-week stays or guest loyalty programs. Plus, booking direct often means you get superior guest service; our guests have access to a local team of vacation rental experts who can help you plan the perfect trip.

  1. Not Researching (and reserving!) Your Must-Do’s

There is a lot to do in and around Sisters. From guided tours and climbing trips to fun local attractions, you could fill weeks full of outdoor adventure and still miss out on some amazing activities. And with millions of travelers flocking to the area each year, this is one time you should pay heed to FOMO (that’s fear of missing out). 

Be sure to research your must-do activities and plan your schedule accordingly. Guided tours and excursions fill quickly, and some attractions have max crowd capacities. Browse our blog and local area guide to build your bucket list, then book activities online to be sure you have a spot waiting. 

  1. Not Minding the Weather

Sisters has a true four-season climate, and varied elevations can produce fast changes in the daily forecast. Heavy winter snows can force road closures in our nearby mountain ranges, while the summer heat can make canyon hiking a sweat-inducing experience. Be sure to monitor the local weather conditions leading up to your trip and pack appropriately for your schedule. 

  1. Not Attending Local Events

Immersing yourself in the local culture is one of the best things about traveling. In Central Oregon, annual events and seasonal festivals let you mingle with the locals and experience the area in a brand new way. From the famous Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show to the Fresh Hop Festival, Sisters has a full schedule of local events to enjoy.

Book Your Stay with Sisters Vacation Rentals

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